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The Lutz group with its brands Lutz and Jesco has distinguished itself by producing for more than 6 decades quality products and offers pumps and systems for the transfer, metering and dosing of fluids and gases and has built up a sound reputation for safety in the pumping field worldwide led by its expertise in the market.
The names ”Lutz” and “Jesco” are without doubt a synonym for various kinds of pumps and, moreover, has succeeded in making the name synonymous with complete systems to handle all aspects of fluid management.
The range of products includes drum and container pumps, eccentric screw pumps, air operated double diaphragm pumps, centrifugal pumps and dosing pumps as well as flow meter systems, measuring and control technology, chlorinators and water disinfection.
Through its distribution the Lutz group is represented in more than 80 countries and employs more than 400 persons worldwide. Own subsidiaries are in the USA, Great Britain, the Netherlands, France, Austria, Hungary, Malaysia, China and the UAE.

Highlighted product

Drum emptying system with follower plate

Even high viscosity pumps come to their application limits very fast, when trying to pump high-viscous, non-flowable substances. The newly developed drum emptying system with follower plate from Lutz exceeds these limits and the infinitely variable operation enables particularly gentle pumping of pastes and non-flowable substances in the food, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors. Features/benefits: – complete system is supplied on a mobile trolley, ensures maximum mobility and flexibility – ergonomic design simplifies the operation for the user – simple and convenient control system – manual, infinitely variable control – FDA-compliant hydraulics – conveying speed is infinitely variable – containers are emptied almost pulsation-free – sealing lips made of EPDM, FKM, PTFE – only a small amount remains in the container after emptying, cost-effective and environmentally friendly – pump is protected against dry running using an integrated sensor – emptying of cylindrical drums and conical containers (with or without drum inliner) – adjustable drum retaining clamps secure the containers when the follower plate is removed – Tri-Clamp connections, fast and cost-effective cleaning – follower plate is operated with a 3A-approved free of bacteria traps and thread-free pump – mobile trolley, hydraulic unit and follower plate are made of polished stainless steel – flow rates up to 120 l/min – 2,12 m total height of the system when retracted – weight of the mobile unit 140 kg (without pump) – system can also be used without the follower plate as a pure, mobile lifting stand together with the pump Examples showing various application fields: – lipsticks, mascara – ice cream, tomato paste, infant food – ointments, fats, colours

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