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For almost 50 years, cav chemie anlagen verfahren has been the established practical magazine on the market, providing application-oriented reports on processes, plants, equipment and components for the chemical industry.

Im Mittelpunkt des Magazins stehen Grundlagen, Methoden, technische Trends, Lösungen (IT, Industriekomponenten und Werkzeugmaschinen) sowie praxisnahe Anwendungsbeispiele für die gesamte Prozesskette in der industriellen Produktion. Im DIGITAL MANUFACTURING wird in der Prozesskette das Thema Produktion fortgeführt, wo das DIGITAL ENGINEERING Magazin mit der Produktentwicklung endet.

Magazine for decision-makers: CHEMIE TECHNIK is the process engineering magazine for managers and investment decision-makers in chemical plant engineering.

Exclusive top topics: Every month, CHEMIE TECHNIK delivers practice-related technical articles and short reports by selected authors on daily hot topics from more than 20 areas.

Focus on CHEMIE: Topics include all industry offerings relevant to process sequences, planning, construction, operation and maintenance of chemical plants. In addition, all further and new developments in these areas are presented.

The German-language trade magazine DICHT! is the No. 1 source of information on sealing. Bonding. Polymer. for original equipment and maintenance. Cross-media networked, the issues can also be used digitally since 2018 and facilitate the search for solutions at

Digital Process Industry – The magazine for forward thinkers
The trend toward digitalization is confronting companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry in particular with a number of challenges. The question for companies is not “if” digital transformation will take place, but “how”. The trade magazine DIGITAL PROCESS INDUSTRY provides information on how workflows can be optimized and production processes perfected in the medium term, as well as how the use of raw material resources, energy and time can be made more economical.


Automation NEXT is the joint online portal of the ke NEXT and IEE magazines

The portal provides news, specialist articles and reports on the technical foundations and social context of automation in transition.


cav – Prozesstechnik für die Chemieindustrie is a trade magazine that features application-focused and practice-oriented articles, reports, interviews and product information about processes, systems, devices and components for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It also covers IT technologies, Industry 4.0, digital production, measurement, control and automation technology, process analysis technology, packaging, storage, materials flow. Topical business and company reports, complemented by reports from research and science, round off the information portfolio. 


The newspaper CHEManager (circulation 43,000 copies, frequency 16 issues/year) and the B2B portal provide managers in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries with important industry information for their strategic investment decisions. CHEManager celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2017.


  • d.i. technical articles and information from the field of bulk solids technology, among others
  • d.i. highest subscribed circulation among qualified managers, process and chemical engineers
  • d.i. official member organ of VDI-GVC and DECHEMA

CITplus celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2017.


shows the latest technical developments in the field of drinking water production and treatment as well as distribution to the end consumer. In this context, pipework technology, fittings and pumps, measurement and automation technology as well as the aspect of hygiene and disinfection play a central role. Practical application examples provide readers with numerous tips for their daily work.


The German-language trade magazine DICHT! is the No. 1 source of information on Sealing. Adhesive. Polymer. for original equipment and maintenance. Cross-media networked, the issues can also be used digitally since 2018 and facilitate the search for solutions at


fluid is an established partner of manufacturers and users of fluid power and automation technology and is regarded as the mouthpiece for an industry that is constantly facing new challenges.

Food Technologie

Food Technologie, magazine for ingredients, production and packaging is the trade publication for managers in German-speaking countries and some Eastern European countries. We report on raw materials and additives, their applications and markets, manufacturing technology, process engineering and packaging technologies and materials in practice-orientated specialist articles, short articles and news items.

Getränke! Technologie & Marketing

Getränke! Technologie & Marketing – trade journal for the beverage industry, is the specialist publication for managers in industrial beverage production in German-speaking countries.

We report on raw materials and additives, their applications, production technology, process technology, automation, packaging technology and materials, storage technology, logistics, marketing and markets with practice-orientated technical articles, short articles and reports.

The readers are managers of companies in the beverage industry with more than 20 employees in German-speaking countries. These decision-makers are owners, managing directors, plant managers, master brewers, heads of R&D, production, quality control, commercial management, marketing, specialists involved in the production process in beverage production, breweries, mineral springs, dairies, wine and sparkling wine cellars as well as decision-makers in beverage wholesaling, logistics and suppliers.

gwf Wasser + Abwasser

gwf Wasser + Abwasser is the industry’s leading trade journal for research, technology and practice – the only one to publish peer-reviewed scientific articles. Topics range from hydrogeology and water treatment, water protection, microbiology and wastewater treatment to rainwater management and legal issues. Interviews and contributions to discussions, industry news and news from science and application complement the technical articles. The “Campus Forum” section of the magazine regularly presents the latest in water-related research at universities and colleges.


Increase operational Efficiencies, open up new Markets, create Customer experiences, and deliver Product Value: Manufacturing companies invest in their digital strategy to achieve these goals. The result is an accelerated business transformation, towards future-oriented Manufacturing Technology. With Industrieanzeiger, we accompany you on this journey in Print, Online and at Events. We reveal the underlying Connections, explain Solutions, identify the Opportunities and do not conceal the Risks. We focus on Digital Models that drive the change in Manufacturing and Production methods. We report on Automation, Robotics and Handling. We explain the use of modern technologies such as Mixed Reality, for example within Production Planning and Maintenance. We also report on the cornerstone of everything: Supplier Products and Components. No Question: Using information at every level has become a core competency for Companies. With Industrieanzeiger we help you achieve all of this.


As the leading brand in the German-speaking market, IT&Production has been reporting comprehensively on all aspects of industrial IT for over 20 years. Decision-makers, plant and operations managers, IT managers and development managers from all industries can find information on process optimization, investment decisions and innovative technology on our channels. Our content is more in demand than ever, because in the age of Industry 4.0, sustainable success is virtually impossible without the right software and hardware and coordinated processes. As a media companion for the digital transformation, we work closely with the key players to provide our readers with useful information for operational practice. Our range of topics extends from the management level to research and development through to sales, automation and production

Instandhaltung is the portal for all doers, decision-makers and professionals involved in maintenance, repair and overhaul. The website of the leading German trade magazine ‘Instandhaltung’ is the central point of contact for all those who maintain and create value with their work.


The ke NEXT media brand informs decision-makers from the German-speaking mechanical and plant engineering sector. ke NEXT’s reporting focuses on innovations from the world of construction and automation. In addition to classic topics such as drive technology, electrical engineering, etc., we provide information on the major trend topics of robotics, 3D printing and predictive maintenance. Reporting takes place in our print magazine, our website and our YouTube channels “ke NEXT TV” and “next robotics”. In 2019, the YouTube channel “next-robotics” was recognised as the specialist medium of the year by the German trade press in the “Best Social Media Application” category.


Der Lebensmittelbrief – ernährung aktuell” is the food information service’s trade magazine for the food industry and its suppliers. In cooperation with the umbrella organisation of the food industry (Lebensmittelverband Deutschland, formerly BLL), it informs managing directors and experts about innovations in the industry in analytics, hygiene, technologies, law and training opportunities. Information about trade fairs is also a regular feature of the trade journal. Our magazine reaches a readership who are longstanding subscribers to the Lebensmittelbrief and bear responsibility in food production, mechanical and plant engineering for the food industry, food laboratories and food processing companies (e.g. canteen kitchens).

O+P Fluidtechnik

O+P Fluidtechnik – The magazine for construction and development fluid technology solutions.

O+P Fluidtechnik is the decision-maker magazine for industrial hydraulics, mobile hydraulics and pneumatics engineers in mechanical and plant engineering, developers and designers as well as for designers of mobile machines and investment decision-makers.
O+P Fluidtechnik is the showroom for technological innovations and industry trends from all areas of fluid technology, from industrial hydraulics to pneumatics and mobile machines. O+P Fluidtechnik is the organ of the research fund Fluid Technology in the VDMA.
Print-Magazin, E-Paper, Website, Social Media, Newsletter, Events, Videos – all channels are networked, interact optimally and thereby fulfill the different information needs and habits of the target group.

LEBENSMITTELTECHNIK, which appears 10 times a year, has been established as one of the leading trade magazines for decision-makers in the entire food and beverage industry for over 40 years. The excellent reputation of LEBENSMITTELTECHNIK is not least the result of current, competent, comprehensive and multi-layered reporting. FOOD TECHNOLOGY is therefore important for all professionals with management responsibility involved in the production process of food and beverages, such as: B. Owner, product developer, factory, operations and production manager, a first-class source of knowledge and information. LEBENSMITTELTECHNIK’s cross-media specialist information offering is rounded off by the Internet portal as well as newsletters on various topics.

Pharma+Food is the trade journal for decision-makers in production, equipment and organization in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries. In the form of application reports, technical articles, interviews, product information and short reports. Pharma+Food conveys knowledge and industry information to everyone who has to produce hygienically. As a key figure trade journal, Pharma+Food reaches specialists and executives, planners, decision-makers and suppliers of components, systems and services for hygienic process technology, thus establishing direct contact with investment decision-makers.


Anyone who not only wants to follow what is happening in the industry, but also wants to understand it, reads the trade journal “Produktion”. The traditional journal and flagship of mi connect reaches industrial decision-makers at board and management level as well as top management from production, design, logistics and the trades that work closely with production management. Production thus covers the entire buying centre in the industrial purchasing process and takes into account brand decision-makers as well as technology and quantity decision-makers. The editorial team gets to the heart of technology and business for its discerning readers: detailed, self-researched reports on trends and innovations are supplemented by practical reports and reports on product innovations. Competitor and market analyses help readers to make well-founded business decisions. For the most important industrial trade fairs, Produktion offers comprehensive overviews in both regular and special issues to help readers prepare for the trade fair. And if you really want to go into depth, the editorial team scores with its “production magazines” on topics such as maintenance.

Pumpe DE

Pumpe DE is a constant and excellent source of information for your customers, our readers – especially in the run-up to trade fairs. Readers have the choice between a traditional trade journal and an e-paper accessible from anywhere and at any time. Did you know that Pumpe DE is now the only remaining trade medium for pumps in Germany?

The print medium is supplemented by our bi-weekly newsletter Pumpe DE Online with the latest business, personnel and product news. The direct link to products or videos is an additional benefit that only a few publishers offer and that many manufacturers appreciate.

VERFAHRENSTECHNIK provides competent, well-founded, practical and up-to-date information on equipment, components and systems required for the technical implementation of mass transfer. The articles focus on machinery, equipment and systems for stock preparation, as well as special measuring and automation technology. Conveying and storage technology as well as safety and environmental technology round off the spectrum. Target group: VERFAHRENSTECHNIK addresses cross-sector process engineers in the chemical and petrochemical industries, in the pharmaceutical sector and in the food and beverage industry. Website:


“PuK – Prozesstechnik & Komponenten” is a trade journal that has been in existence for 60 years and focusses on the following topics:

Water/waste water/environmental technology
Vehicle construction/shipbuilding/heavy industry
Food and beverage industry

“PuK – Process Technology & Components” serves as a cross-industry guide and is published once a year before the Hannover Messe in German and English. In addition, a Russian edition is published in mid-October, which is thematically orientated towards the Russian market.

Star Pump Alliance

STAR PUMP ALLIANCE – the platform for professional pump users

The Star Pump Alliance, or SPA for short, is an association of well-known pump manufacturers that supports users with the information platform, expert advice and the PUMPselector in the search for and selection of the right pump for their application. This saves pump users a lot of time in the procurement process, which is why the SPA platform has become the number one point of contact for many searchers when it comes to procuring new industrial pumps or customised solutions for all industries. Give it a try!

Water Solutions

is a leading technical-scientific journal for water management and wastewater technology, hydrogeology, water reuse and rainwater harvesting, water storage and distribution, and wastewater treatment. Water Solutions reports on the process engineering of water treatment, wastewater purification and sludge treatment, on developments in analytics, measurement and control technology, on hygiene and microbiology and operational experiences, on general issues of water protection from the perspective of water use and wastewater disposal, as well as on capacity building developing countries, on legal issues and economic concerns.

VAIS Verband für Anlagentechnik und IndustrieService e.V

About the VAIS Verband für Anlagentechnik und IndustrieService e.V.:

The VAIS Verband für Anlagentechnik und IndustrieService e.V. is a professional and trade association for the promotion and representation of the technical and economic interests of its members. The medium-sized member companies are an essential factor for a competitive industry and the future of their locations and contribute significantly to the success of the key industries based on technical processes. The VAIS promotes the exchange of experience between member companies, is actively involved in forming networks and is committed to promoting the image of the industry in politics, business and society.


VERFAHRENSTECHNIK – Magazine for systems, components and systems in the process industry.

VERFAHRENSTECHNIK is aimed at process engineers across all industries in the process industry. TOPICS
Material conversion plants have been at the center of 50 years at the center of the contributions as well as individual components – such as pumps and valves. Special measuring and automation technology, conveying and storage technology as well as safety and environmental technology round off the spectrum. VERFAHRENSTECHNIK is therefore the all-round title in mechanical process engineering.
Print-Magazin, E-Paper, Website, Social Media, Newsletter, Events, Videos – all channels are networked, interact optimally and thereby fulfill the different information needs and habits of the target group.

wasserwirtschaft wassertechnik is the technically oriented practical magazine for decisions in drinking water and wastewater management. It provides information on innovations, products and processes for and from the water and wastewater industry.

Als einzige Marke auf dem deutschsprachigen Markt berichtet die IT&Production ausschließlich und umfassend über alle Aspekte industrieller IT – und das seit 17 Jahren. Entscheider, Werksund Betriebsleiter sowie IT-Manager aller Branchen finden auf unseren Kanälen Informationen zur Prozessoptimierung, zu  Investitionsentscheidungen und innovativer Technologie. Unsere Inhalte sind gefragter denn je, denn im Industrie 4.0-Zeitalter ist ohne die passende Soft- und
Hardware sowie darauf abgestimmte Abläufe nachhaltiger Erfolg im weltweiten Wettbewerb kaum noch möglich. Als medialer Wegbegleiter der industriellen digitalen Transformation arbeiten wir eng mit den zentralen Stakeholdern zusammen, um unseren Lesern nützliche Informationen für ihre betriebliche Praxis zu liefern. Dabei reicht die Bandbreite unserer Themen von der Managementebene über Forschung und Entwicklung bis hin zu Vertrieb, Automatisierung und Fertigung.

Branchenübergreifend, zielgruppengerecht und angepasst an die unterschiedlichen Leser-/Nutzer-Vorlieben bieten die P&A-Fachmedien nachhaltige Informationen über Markt und Technik der Prozessindustrie – als Impulsgeber für Anlagenplaner und –betreiber. Das neue P&A-Web-Magazin INDUSTR.COM/PuA liefert relevante News, Artikel, Videos und Bildergalerien und macht die Faszination der Prozessindustrie lebendig. Gehen Sie online und werden Sie kostenfrei Mitglied der INDUSTR.COM-Community.

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