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Fink Chem + Tec GmbH manufactures specialized, high-precision pumps for the laboratory, process optimization, research and development in the third generation.
Our metering and feed pumps, from small-volume metering units with a few µl / l to industrial use with qm / min, are also available in ATEX versions on request.

The latest model, Ritmo 15, in its full PTFE version, like the well known Ritmo 05 dosing pumps, offers maximum chemical resistance, product purity and FDA certification.
Controlled valves with stepper motor actuators, pressure monitoring without fluid contact and the integrated travel detection represent further milestones in precision dosing technology for this latest generation.
Modified on the hardware and software side, the variable valve technology allows it to be used as a mixing and dilution pump, as a sampling pump for ultra-pure processes or under vacuum conditions. Dosing pumps with integrated pH control, specialized nitric acid dosing pumps, designs with heatable or coolable pump heads or also in industrial IP65 and Ex design are available to the user.
In the field of magnetically coupled, hermetically sealed small feed pumps, the range of peripheral pumps, mixers and reactors has been further developed through laboratory designs with integrated speed control.




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