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Fire and explosion protection
Process optimization

Fire and explosion protection

approx. 2 hours

T&B electronic GmbH, Stand U08-7 Hall 7

Smart system for early fire detection in recycling

For small-scale storage of lithium-ion batteries, T&B electronic presents a smart solution for comprehensive fire protection: The Fire Gas and Smoke Detection System FGSDS detects smoke and various fire gases long before Thermal Runaway. Freely adjustable threshold values allow the system to be adapted to individual safety requirements.
The system is based on a special gas detector combined with smoke detection and air intake. Thus, the system needs only one detector each to monitor the entire interior and can be installed outside the warehouse with little effort.

IEP Technologies introduces novel solution for passive explosion protection

The processing of combustible dusts can, in the worst case, lead to an explosion. To minimize the effects of such an explosion, IEP Technologies has added a new explosion protection solution to its portfolio. The IV8 flameless pressure relief system can be used where standard explosion relief is no longer sufficient. The special features of the protection system are the innovative rupture disc technology and the optimized design of the flame extinguishing element. Compared to common solutions, the IV8 offers higher effectiveness with a plus in safety.

IEP Technologies GmbH, B10-4 Hall 4
Herding Filtertechnik, H17-5 Hall 5

HERDING FLAMELESS: Flameless and smoke-free pressure relief on the clean gas side

Due to their explosion hazard, particulate materials require a protection concept tailored to the specific application.

Herding® Filtertechnik offers the user a broad portfolio of preventive and constructive protective measures. From consulting and selection of the appropriate protection concept to safe and ATEX-compliant design of the filter systems to their installation, commissioning and maintenance.
The Herding sinter-plate filter as a rigid body acts uniquely as a dust Ex zone barrier, which means that there is no dust-explosive atmosphere on the clean gas side of the filter system.

Attention dust explosions – preventing the big bang with more safety

Dust is just everywhere – and that’s the problem. Dust explosions are one of the most underestimated hazards in industrial manufacturing. Microscopic particles can quickly turn the surrounding air into an ignitable atmosphere. Suddenly, a small spark results and *BANG*.

At Masterflex, we have a broad product portfolio of antistatic and electrically conductive hoses and connection systems. You can find out more about this at the “Fire and explosion protection topical tour” at the Masterflex SE stand in Hall 5 H13.

Masterflex SE, H13-5 Hall 5
Exepd GmbH, H08-5 Hall 5

Machine and process control for explosive areas.

The control and terminal box of Exepd is used to control machines and processes in hazardous areas of zones 1/21 or 2/22. The control and terminal boxes are built individually, according to customer requirements. The spectrum ranges from the device with one switch to complex machine control with touch panel.

The W Series from VPG Transducers: flexible weighing indicators (WT1, WT2, WT14, WT15)

The W Series includes advanced indicators that offer high performance and long-term reliability. The four flexible weight indicators are used in many industrial applications. They are mounted on the DIN rail or in the control cabinet door for visual inspection. WT15 features a touch screen and intuitive software. Both indicators have a powerful 32-bit microprocessor (possible interfaces: PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT, DeviceNet, Ethernet, RS232C, RS485, USB or Modbus RTU).



approx. 2 hours

RECHNER Industrie-Elektronik GmbH, Stand C05-4 Hall 4

TiLevel | The Gamechanger ’23

Why is this innovation an absolute gamechanger?

Unlike its predecessors, the analog TiLevel solves your challenge when changing products. With this technology, no recalibration is necessary when changing media (from DK Er > 1.2). Another plus point is the adjustment in the empty vessel. This means that no product has to be wasted for adjustment. True to our motto “Custom-made level control for your industry”, we offer individual solutions that meet your requirements – from variations of the material to customized dimensions.

ROSTA Digital: The easy way to optimize your machines

Based on our almost 80 years of experience in the field of vibration and oscillation technology, we have developed a digital solution that allows you to project our know-how onto your screening machine. Your processes and equipment can thus be monitored and optimized.

ROSTA DIGITAL is an integrated, pre-built sensor data aggregation and processing solution that already helps our customers to increase the efficiency of their vibration processes and equipment. The clear dashboard displays all relevant machine data such as vibration amplitude, angle, etc. and also serves as a communication tool with our Vibration Analyst service.

Rosta GmbH, A21-4  Hall 4
Siemens AG, Stand D06-4 Hall 4

SIWAREX – Our fully integrated digital weighing solutions.

Whether you need to measure pressure, temperature, flow, level or weight, Siemens has world-class measurement equipment to fit the unique needs of your plant or application. With our proven SIWAREX weighing electronics, SIWAREX load cells, belt scales, bulk flow meters and weighfeeders, Siemens weighs your world – with first-class solutions that perfectly master your weighing tasks.

LEWA Smart Monitoring: the smart pump monitoring system

LEWA Smart Monitoring is a pump monitoring system consisting of sensors, a programmable logic controller, an industrial PC and data analysis for new and existing pumps. The system determines characteristic values and key performance indicators. There is no intervention in the process control or direct contact between the sensors and the pumped medium. It is suitable for LEWA ecoflow and LEWA triplex process diaphragm pumps. The application range of LEWA Smart Monitoring covers critical applications from the chemical, pharmaceutical or food industry.

LEWA Deutschland GmbH, Stand P03-6 Hall 6
Blickfeld GmbH, Stand K12-5 Hall 5

Digital volume measurement of bulk materials based on 3D LiDAR technology

Accurate volume measurement is considered a key component of material inventory tracking and associated material management. However, inventory monitoring in powder and bulk storage facilities is a challenge for many industries, as existing mechanical systems do not provide the required accuracy.

Blickfeld’s 3D LiDAR technology and complementary software enables efficient digital inventory management across multiple sites through accurate and reliable real-time data to continuously support demand, production and distribution planning.

The W Series from VPG Transducers: flexible weighing indicators (WT1, WT2, WT14, WT15)

The W Series includes advanced indicators that offer high performance and long-term reliability. The four flexible weight indicators are used in many industrial applications. They are mounted on the DIN rail or in the control cabinet door for visual inspection. WT15 features a touch screen and intuitive software. Both indicators have a powerful 32-bit microprocessor (possible interfaces: PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT, DeviceNet, Ethernet, RS232C, RS485, USB or Modbus RTU).



approx. 1.5 hours

Liebherr Mischtechnik GmbH

Our systems measure, monitor and control the moisture or water content autonomously and in real time. The continuous measurement guarantees high precision and thus saves energy, raw material, time and CO2. Furthermore, we improve the quality and possible rejects. In our concrete mixing plants, our sensors optimize the amount of raw material. In a drying plant, for example, enormous savings can be achieved through targeted control of the use of fuel. In the agricultural sector, such as in combine harvesters, we help to save fuel.

SAFEBELT® HOSE BELT CONVEYOR – Safe, clean and environmentally friendly.

The SAFEBELT® transports bulk material in a closed system. This results in the following advantages compared to a conventional conveyor belt:

COST-REDUCING: Elaborate enclosures and cleaning work are no longer necessary.
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Hardly any hazardous dust, low odor and insensitive to environmental influences.
SPACE-SAVING: Copes with steep ascents and descents as well as tight horizontal and vertical curve radii

LeadingEcoSolutions – We make your thermal drying process Eco!

Rising energy prices and CO2 costs as well as the goal of sustainable production are the major challenges for companies worldwide. The optimization of thermal drying processes offers particularly high potentials for reducing energy costs. Payback periods for possible optimization measures are constantly shortening. With LeadingEcoSolutions, Allgaier Process Technology supports you in significantly improving the energy efficiency and environmental compatibility of drying processes.

EDUR: Customized pump solutions for sustainable processes

The core of EDUR’s product strategy is the optimal design of each centrifugal pump for the respective application for energy-efficient, long-lasting and reliable plant operation. EDUR pumps are used in numerous sustainable applications: Multiphase pumps provide for the treatment of industrial or drinking water in flotation plants, among others. In energy technology, the pumps are successfully used for the extraction, storage and utilization of hydrogen, and in refrigeration technology, for example, hermetically sealed pump designs ensure the necessary protection of the environment.


Process optimization

approx. 2 hours

Moisture measurement perfected

The Liebherr Litronic-FMS II is successfully used to determine moisture in a wide variety of bulk solids and liquids from a wide range of industrial sectors, including under explosion-proof conditions. All sensors are produced and calibrated in the sensor production facility at Liebherr’s Bad Schussenried plant. Liebherr’s in-house sensor development includes the entire R&D (research & development) value chain from the physical idea to the complete solution, from the concept to the finished product. The experience gained from the field of concrete plant engineering under extreme external conditions guarantees very high reliability and a long service life of the sensors.

ENVEA GmbH, A23-4 Hall 4

M-Sens NIR – Non-Contact Moisture Measurement for Solids

ENVEA’s non-contact online moisture sensor M-Sens NIR is based on near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR). It provides an instant, accurate and non-destructive moisture measurement. This makes it possible to minimize product losses, avoid downtime and increase the efficiency of a plant.

Typically, the M-Sens NIR is installed above a conveyor system. With its rugged IP69-rated housing, the sensor is ideal for industrial environments. To increase its own uptime, the sensor condition is continuously self-monitored.

ESAweight – Process control system: Process automation in manageable stages

ESAweight is our modularly structured process control system, which is configured precisely to meet the needs

of your production operation. The core element is the ESAweight Manager. Based on MS SQL databases, it
allows you to manage and maintain all the relevant data such as raw materials, finished products, recipes,
orders, batches, …. The ESAweight Manager enables data exchange with higher-level ERP systems and various
warehouse management systems. Control, monitoring, documentation – Beginning with goods acceptance and
extending through dosing and mixing to packaging and shipment.

PFREUNDT GmbH, T22-7 Hall 7

With the PFREUNDT Web Portal all weighing data at a glance at any time.

The PFREUNDT Web Portal makes it easy for you to process your weighing data. No matter which construction machine or vehicle types you have in use: In the PFREUNDT Web Portal your weighing data is available to you for further processing and evaluation in real time. The connection to your existing software for further processing of the data is just as flexible and simple. From the web platform to complete integration into your systems, everything is possible – without installation and update effort on your part.

The new SDF Series surface seal ensures trouble-free operation.

The new SDF Series – STASSKOL DynamicSeal Faceseal – has been specially developed for sealing fine-material products such as dusts and powders, as well as liquids or liquid-solid mixtures. The seal ensures trouble-free operation of such equipment by not only reliably sealing, but also minimizing mixing losses, protecting the mix from contamination, and preventing medium from entering the bearings and causing damage. The minimalist design enables simple, fast and safe assembly, disassembly and cleaning at the point of use.

STASSKOL, K13-5 Hall 5
Masterflex SE, H13-5 Hall 5

Process optimization in the conveying of abrasive bulk materials (Hall 5 H13)

As a constant process optimizer, we know how important the function times of machines and plant systems are for industrial companies. Masterflex will be demonstrating on site how demanding and abrasive media can be conveyed up to 50% faster.

We invite you to experience the special advantages of these suction and conveying hoses at our unique ball track. It will be worth it, because interested parties can see for themselves the advantages of the popular Master-PUR Inline & Master-PUR Performance hoses by means of live hose demonstrations.

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