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Permanently securely fastened – Spelsberg offers GEOS accessories for pole mounting
Günther Spelsberg GmbH & Co. KG

Permanently securely fastened – Spelsberg offers GEOS accessories for pole mounting

Spelsberg completes the range of GEOS housings with, among other things, precisely fitting components for permanently reliable mast attachment. Control cabinets and empty housings from the GEOS series can be attached to round masts quickly and easily.



When it comes to protecting sensitive electronic and electromechanical components, housings from the GEOS series are the ideal choice. The built-in components are protected even under difficult conditions such as weather, temperature, mechanical loads and chemical influences. They are therefore suitable for a wide variety of applications in industry and outdoors. For attachment, Spelsberg has accessories for different applications in its range.

Custom-fit components
Mast and screw clamp sets are the optimal solution for securely attaching GEOS housings to round masts. Thanks to components that are precisely tailored to the product range, installation is effortless and reliable attachment is guaranteed in the long term. With its offer, Spelsberg meets all customer requirements, because the stainless steel clamps are available for different mast diameters from 60 to 210 mm.

Attractive appearance thanks to the stainless steel design plate
The back of the housing of the GEOS products is designed in such a way that any accessories can be easily attached. Among other things, an optional design plate can be mounted as a cover. It increases resilience by reliably protecting the sensitive electrical installation inside the housing from mechanical influences. Even with the cover installed, the housing attached to the mast offers enough space to integrate additional accessories such as the BEL Air M4 ventilation element. With the stainless steel plate, Spelsberg also lives up to its claim of providing visually appealing housing solutions.

Installation is quick and easy thanks to the screws provided. Interested parties can see this for themselves on YouTube. In a new workshop video, Spelsberg demonstrates the mast attachment step by step.


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