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HEMPEL Industrial Maintenance – 70 Years of Excellence in Industrial Maintenance
For same 75 years, HEMPEL Industrial Maintenance has been delivery with outstanding achievements in industrial maintenance. Our success is based on precise work, high-quality services, and the continuous integration of innovative technologies, including Smart Maintenance, to ensure minimum uptime to rotating machinery.
360-Degree Services: Our comprehensive services cover the entire spectrum—from delivery, installation, maintenance, monitoring to the repair of electric motors, gears, pumps, and cranes. With an workshop capacity of up to 15 tons, we offer manufacturer-independent and customized processing and repair directly at the customer’s site, thereby distinguishing ourselves from competitors.
Innovative Technologies, Diagnostic as well as motion amplification Expertise: Through continuous online monitoring and the use of state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques such as vibration analysis, laser alignment, and thermography, we identify and prevent potential damage to facilities promptly. Our expert teams work on intelligent maintenance concepts to continuously improve the entire process.
Cross-Industry Adaptation: With our extensive experience, we flexibly tailor our services to the specific requirements of various industries, including steel, aluminum, brass, cement, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, facility management, automotive, energy and power plants, food, printing, machinery, public institutions, as well as maritime and inland shipping.
Sustainability as a Fundamental Principle: HEMPEL Industrial Maintenance is committed to sustainability in industrial maintenance. Our focus is on environmentally friendly practices, improving energy efficiency, utilizing sustainable materials and resources, and incorporating innovative technologies within the framework of Industry 4.0. These sustainability principles are not only an integral part of our corporate culture but also a key feature of our work.
Outlook and Invitation: We look forward to showcasing our technological innovations at the ‘maintenance’ event in Dortmund. Together with our customers, we aim to shape the future of maintenance and continue to set standards in the industry. HEMPEL Industrial Maintenance stands for excellence, innovation, and sustainability—today and in the coming decades.




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