Magnetic drive pumps MDM


The MDM-series impress with the excellent durability. Pressure castings reinforced the outer housing. The rear casing is provided with a fiber-reinforced cover on the basis the high burdens. Additional to this greater strength, the effect of the magnetic field decreases. This measure avoids spark formation in the case of a contact with the magnet capsule. To achieve a higher resistance against vibrations the magnet capsule is provided with a core of metal. This series include the performance range of 20-1400l/min (36m³/h) and high heads up to 74m, as well a liquid temperature up to 150°C (PFA-models) is possible. In order to faciliate inspection and maintenance, this series employs the back pullout system. This enables one to conduct inspections internally and replace parts without dismantling the piping. The simple modular setup allows easiest maintenance and minimal shut-downs. Most of the service works can be done without leakage.
To meet our customers demand, we offer the most reliable pumps of the MDM series also as long coupling type according ISO2858. Other ISO-pumps can be exchanged 1:1 without changing the piping.