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Since 1959 chemical pumps has been developing and manufacturing by IWAKI. The implementation of new innovations and further developments of the existing series has been constantly pursued to date. The parts, pumps and accessories are manufactured in Japan and are characterized by their high quality and maintenance-friendly construction. The IWAKI Europe GmbH represents the headquarters of Europe. The 100% test of the pumps prior to delivery ensures the high quality standard. IWAKI pumps are valued worldwide and the large products range can cover the requirements of most applications.
This spectrum includes
– Magnet drive Centrifugal pumps
– Dosing & metering pumps
– Gear pumps
– Rotating Plunger pumps
– Turbine pumps
– Semiconductor pumps
– Double diaphragm pumps

Highlighted product

Digital controlled dosing pumps IX-C/D

IWAKI offers with the models of IX-Series digital controlled dosing pumps with brushless DC motor for a setting range of 1:750. With this models IWAKI covers a performance range between 0,08 l/h and 300 l/h. All pumps are working with a microprocessor controlled suction and discharge stroke with a constant stroke length of 100%. The setting of the flow value would be adjusted only by the stroke frequency and the variable stroke speed. The constant full stroke length guaranties a constant dead volume over the complete dosing range. These drive concept allows a low pulsation feeding corresponding with an accuracy of +/- 1% for the hole performance range. A special suction mode for viscose and sensitive liquids is available, also to provide cavitation. There are different possibilities to control the pump, as of manual, batch, pulse, time, analog and process data. All adjustments would be done through the user friendly multi language LCD display. The most important data, like volume, operation time, strokes etc. can easily displayed from the menu any time. One highlight of the IX is a quit simple calibration mode with only a few steps. Without manual measurement the pump can be set to the condition of the system. Afterwards it is not necessary to calibrate again, even after changing e.g. the flow rate. For safety matter the pump is equipped with sensors for pressure and break of diaphragm and additional it corresponds to IP65. The power pack with multi voltage of AC 100-240V allows a worldwide installation. The valves for suction and discharge side are not interchangeable because of their construction. All models are certified by UL, CE, CUL and EMCE

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